New Marijuana” is a documentary and series of short videos to help youth, parents and educators throughout New Mexico understand the various changes marijuana has undergone over the last few decades.

The new documentary focuses on the changes marijuana has undergone, such as changes to the levels of THC and the way it is manufactured.

“It is new in all kinds of interesting good ways I think too in terms of medical stuff… We wanted people to understand it fully,” Producer Chris Schueler said.

Schueler says right now marijuana is a big issue with kids – saying more than 50 percent of kids in Bernalillo County have tried marijuana and 30 percent of them are smoking it currently.

” So looking at all the things we’ve said, let’s get all the information out. Let’s be truthful and honest. Let’s not use scare tactics. And let’s say, ‘here’s what’s happening with marijuana. Here’s what you need to understand before you try this drug’,” Schueler said.

According to Schueler, parents and educators should watch this documentary because they need to understand how the drug has changed so they can confidently explain and have good discussions with children.

“New Marijuana” airs Saturday at 6 p.m. on Fox New Mexico. It will also air the following three Saturdays on KRQE, My 50 TV and the CW.

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