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The FOX New Mexico series ‘Mark vs. the Mountain’ pairs home construction, design and extreme mountain forecasting as Mark and Krysty Ronchetti attempt to build the highest house in New Mexico. 

Join in on this new Sunday-morning must-see TV program that takes an in-depth look at KRQE Meteorologist, Mark Ronchetti, and his family’s high-alpine adventure as they embark on designing and building their vacation dream home at the summit of the Angel Fire Resort ski mountain.  

Who Are Mark and Krysty Ronchetti?

While many of you already know KRQE chief meteorologist, Mark Ronchetti – the man who rolls his sleeves up with the weather gets severe, not many know his wife, Krysty. We sat down with the two of them to get a bit of Q&A on this new reality TV adventure. 

Q: How did the two of you meet?

A: Krysty: We met at our first job after college. We both were working as news reporters at KJCT in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Q: Was it love at first sight? 

A: Mark: Ha! Hardly! While we worked well together on-camera, we were polar opposites off camera. 

Krysty: Mark totally dug me when he first met me, he’s just scared to admit it. 

Mark: Right. And she couldn’t get enough of me when we started working together (laughing.)  

Krysty: I think what’s great about Mark and I is that it took us time to develop a friendship and then that friendship grew for over a decade before we even went out on a date. 

Mark: But once we went out for a date…that was it. I knew she was it. It didn’t take us long after that to get married. 

Q: So, it’s been a long time since you both worked together, what can you tell us about your new FOX New Mexico show, Mark vs the Mountain and how did this all come about? 

A: Mark: We both went our separate ways in our television careers. 

Krysty: I ended up in Los Angeles and after a while TV news started to bum me out, so I thought I’d take a break from it for a bit. I started a PR and Marketing Firm and while I always thought I’d go back into TV News I just celebrated my 17th year with my firm. 

Mark: It’s always been a dream of both of ours to work together on camera again. But life gets busy. We have two little girls Ava who is 11 and Ella who is 9. Krysty’s business took off. I’m forecasting for KRQE and FOX New Mexico so our dream has taken a back seat. 

Krysty: Mark has been brainstorming ideas for us to get back on TV together for years. He has such fun and funny ideas that always crack me up. But then he asked how I felt if the station wanted to film us as we took on building a mountain vacation home in Angel Fire. I was like… hmm…is that going to be too dull? 

Mark: I think there was and still is fear that we both want to make entertaining and fun content for TV and we’re just praying that the program is something that others will want to watch. 

What is Mark vs The Mountain?

Q: What will we see on the show?

Mark: You’ll see a lot of what goes into the construction process of building a home. From finding the lot, to a builder, design elements, and excavation processes. But of course, I’m a weather geek, so I have to bring in extreme mountain weather forecasting and the challenges it brings to building a house at 10,600 feet. 

Krysty: Plus, since we’re both into the making of a TV program we like viewers to get a chance to see everything that goes into making a series like this. You’ll meet our crew…see some bloopers… watch us make mistakes and of course, make a lot of fun of each other. Sarcasm is definitely our love language!  

Mark vs The Mountain will air on Fox New Mexico starting September 9, 2018, at 9:30 am.  The 20 episode show will lead into Fox NFL Sunday.

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