Snaplet the turtle gets a new home


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science isn’t just about dinosaurs. Their Naturalist Center features a variety of living creatures native to the southwest, including ‘Snaplet’.

Rescued in 2013 off a biking trail near Rio Grande Blvd., the museum’s resident snapping turtle has grown into quite a healthy lady.  Measuring just 3″ when she was taken in, she’s grown from a modest 10-gallon tank to her new -500 gallon- home, generously donated by the Southwest Secondary Learning Center.

As Michael Sanchez from the Naturalist Center says, Snaplet represents a question on the native population of snapping turtles in the area: where they come from, were they transplanted here, and what does the future of the population look like along the Bosque. 

You can visit Snaplet during business hours in the Naturalist Center, located just off the museum’s main concourse.  For more information, visit

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