Legendary New Mexico: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Legendary New Mexico

Since they opened their doors in 1976, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) has been the hub to recognize the 19 Native American Pueblos in the state of New Mexico.

According to the IPCC’s website, their mission has been to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture while advancing the dignity and respect of the accomplishments of Pueblo people in the state.

In a walkthrough of the center, patrons can trace the history of the different Pueblos in the state from their origins to where they are today. There is a wide variety of items on display including tools native to their agricultural works to the different types of pottery produced in the different tribes. Traditional dances have taken place in the courtyard of the center non-stop since the opening of the center.

Leadership members say having one location to represent all the Native American Pueblos in the state of New Mexico is important because it provides a universal platform for each pueblo.

Preservation of the culture is not just in a museum format, but also in the food. Preparation of local Native American foods is a big part of what is offered at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe on the campus of the IPCC.

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