Advanced Medical Technology

Legendary New Mexico

New Mexico is always finding itself on the cutting edge when it comes to the medical field.

This is thanks in part to the Health Sciences Center at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. The technology developed at the school isn’t just making lives more convenient, but saving lives as well.

For over fifty years, the Health Sciences Center has become one of the most prestigious spots in the country for learning in the medical field.

“In the last ten years, 38 companies have started with technology that was originally developed here at the UNM Health Sciences Center,” said Dr. Richard Larson, Executive Vice Chancellor at the UNM Health Sciences Center.

According to Larson, some of the technology includes developing machines which could screen tens of thousands of drugs in an hour. Larson also adds that this particular technology can help more rapidly identify potential drug candidates for clinical trials and other interventions which can lead to better health.

The breakthrough technology is not only proving to be a success for the medical field, but also attracting international students such as Elizabeth Clarke. Clarke came to UNM from England after learning about some of the state of the art tools and various opportunities that the school provides.

Administrators say another innovative project developed at the HSC can drastically change how quickly some patients are diagnosed. The device is using sensors smaller than the size of a dime. Dr. Larson said the hand held device can use a saliva sample which will be able to tell whether or not a patient has a viral infection or a bacterial infection. This can be done in a matter of seconds.

By the numbers, it’s a win for the medical field and a win for the state. According to the center’s website, HSC brings in $1.6-billion to New Mexico annually and creates about 20,000 jobs around the state.

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