New Mexico has always been a haven for small businesses to thrive in our state. The same can be said for one business in Mesilla, New Mexico.

Not long after the town was established, the building which now houses El Patio Cantina was constructed.

From its inception, the building was one of the first mail stops in the small colony, then home to a bustling newspaper The Mesilla Times.

Next, it was a saloon and a blacksmith shop. This is all before reverting back to a post office before finally becoming its current status of El Patio.

During its entire existence, the building has been owned by the Fountain family. Today’s owners are all direct descendants of Albert Jennings Fountain, a once soldier, journalist and prominent lawyer who lived in the area.

It was around 1896 when Fountain and his young son were killed while returning home to Mesilla.

However, the family is continuing his love for southern New Mexico and the continued success of a 150-year-old building that’s not showing any signs of slowing down.