We all have heard the lore of Roswell, La Llorona and quite possibly the St James Hotel. However, there are more myths in the Land of Enchantment to befuddle the mind and make the inquisitive ponder.

The Dawson Cemetery is the final resting place of hundreds of miners who tragically lost their lives in two separate mining accidents, separated by a decade.

The cemetery is all that is left of the ghost town.

At least as far as we know…

The Mystery Rock of Los Lunas is an 80-ton boulder located in the Hidden Mountains. Proponents to this story believe its ancient carvings are between 500-2000 years old, detailing the Ten Commandments.

Skeptics say the carvings are in too good of condition to be so old, saying they are less than 100 years in age.

Albuquerque’s own Wool Warehouse is also reportedly haunted by the founder, Frank Bond.

As a performance space, stories abound of seeing his spectra backstage, catching a live performance from time to time.