The world enchantment means a “feeling of great pleasure or delight.” It also means being under the influence of a spell or magic, which is a fitting nickname for New Mexico.

New Mexico Myths: Beyond Roswell »

We all have heard the lore of Roswell, La Llorona and quite possibly the St James Hotel. However, there are more myths in the Land of Enchantment to befuddle the mind and make the inquisitive ponder. [Watch Video]

The Ghosts of Old Town »

Old Town was once the epicenter of the Duke City, seeing thousands of lives pass through its streets over the centuries. Lives of both the here and the hereafter, still populate the neighborhood, according to believers. [Watch Video]

The legend of the ‘Taos Hum’ continues »

For many who live in Taos, they will do anything to assure you that something is buzzing in the air. It’s a phenomenon known as the Taos Hum. There’s no real specific date when it started or was first noticed, but sometime around 30 years ago, a number of residents began to complain of a constant and low frequency humming noise in Taos. [Watch Video]

The Aztec UFO »

Roswell isn’t the only New Mexico town famous for UFO’s. One year after the incident in southern New Mexico, the northern New Mexico town reportedly witnessed its own out-of-this-world occurrence. [Watch Video]

Ghouls still thrive in revived ghost town »

It’s hard not to be considered haunted when the place you live was once known as a ghost town, but for people living in Madrid, New Mexico, they say it’s part of their charm. [Watch Video]