Chef Carrie Eagle of Farm & Table has joined Chad and Carmelina in the New Mexico Living Kitchen to demonstrate her BLT and talk about her upcoming spot in the Duke it Out Challenge.

Chef Eagle says, “I’m ready – I’m excited about this one. A lot of people come out for this competition, it’s for a really good cause.”

Today she is making gougeres-style BLT. Gougeres is a French pastry, typically used in dessert applications – such as a cream-filled profiterole – however Chef Eagle is using a savory version made with cheese.

The tomatoes, butter-leaf lettuce and onions come from Sol Harvest Farms, because all of the produce is fresh and robust.

Chef Eagle’s tip for making fresh aioli (fancy mayo): if you “chiffonade” your basil to thinly slice and expose to release as much of the inside as possible – the more flavorful your sauce – or aioli will be.

Duke it Out Challenge Details

Sept 28 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Tickets at the door $50

Builders Source Appliance Gallery

More information Online (Tickets No Longer Available)