Today in the Community, we’re exploring Southwest Suites, New Mexico’s premier destination for extended stay accommodations and concierge services.

With the booming film industry continuing to grow here in New Mexico, Southwest Suites has tended to the needs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Joyce Smith, President & CEO of Southwest Suites joined New Mexico Living to talk more about the growing film industry and what Southwest Suites has to offer.

“We’ve been in business now for twenty-five years. We offer fully furnished, all-inclusive luxury apartments, town homes, condos, lofts, single family homes of every size and celebrity homes. And they’re located in the most desirable parts of town and it’s really all about people who want the alternative to a hotel and more of the comforts of home,” Smith says.

Many film makers, industry regulars are here for months at a time for any one film project so these properties are important.

“I have not only been able to grow Southwest Suites significantly, but I’ve been able to create a whole new business, ‘Studio Concierge’, which caters specifically to the film industry,” Smith explains, crediting the rapid industry growth on her expansion in services.

In light of all of this growth, and the ancillary businesses created due to this, Smith has created the Film Business Alliance.

The New Mexico Film Business Alliance brings film industry-related small businesses together to help provide one voice to the local film industry economy here in New Mexico.

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