Big families and successful dealerships are part of the Corley DNA. Patriarch Eddie Corley Sr. moved his family to Grants, New Mexico in the 1970s to find work in the uranium mines.

When that opportunity didn’t materialize, he applied his entrepreneurial skills to a number of ventures, attracting the attention of Ford. 

As part of their Minority Dealership Initiative, Corley Sr. was invited to re-invigorate a dealership in the western New Mexico town.

With the involvement of his wife and eight children, it was the beginning of a successful relationship. Through sales, Corley was able to buy out his stock in the dealership, becoming the first African-American to own a dealership in the state. 

The family would grow their business to various locations around the state, reaching locations in Gallup, Espanola and Albuquerque.  

Today, Corley’s Albuquerque Lincoln Volvo, along with dealerships in Gallup and Grants, enjoy great success in a variety of brands. 

They continue to grow the name in the state and throughout the U.S.