Dennis Snyder is celebrating 43 years with Rich Ford in 2019.

The charismatic president and general manager of Rich Ford says his job is like working “in the candy store.” A big part of that experience is all about his staff, his clients and his community. 

Rich Ford, in Albuquerque and Edgewood locations, has grown significantly with their communities. They are just one example of how these franchised dealerships help to develop their towns into cities.

The Webb family of dealerships in Farmington have spent close to 100 years growing the four corners region with good business practice and community involvement.  

As a central hub for customers, the city’s growth mirrors that of the Webb family. Snyder says there’s no slowing down in sight for him, or Rich Ford.

The Albuquerque location turns 58 this year and the Edgewood location, which shares a birthday with the city of Edgewood, turns 20.