The landscape of auto car commercials is vast. From the sophisticated to the silly, the thirty-second hits have made an indelible mark on the community.

One of the creative masterminds behind the campaigns is Ed Smith and his award-winning ad agency, Edit House.

They’ve worked for more than 20 years on grandiose campaigns, as well as campaigns that elicit guffaws. Audiences are sure to remember “the most interesting car dealer in the world,” Nick Melloy. 

Through his varied campaigns year in and year out, Melloy has become a local celebrity, well known for his signature phrase, “Where we always say ‘DEAL'”!

Smith says Melloy is a prime example of the creative freedom franchised dealers enjoy and something that often isn’t available with corporately owned dealerships.

The commercials are a way to show their personalities, their sense of humor and their love of their communities.