While Karl Benz was perfecting the design of his internal combustion engine in the workshops of Germany, Nicholas Galles was setting up shop as a wagonmaker. 

The craftsman and entrepreneur was unknowingly laying the groundwork for the oldest car dealership in the state of New Mexico.

Galles sold the first 11 cars to customers in the newly acquired state in the early 20th century.  By the 1930s, they would officially become a Chevrolet dealer, a relationship that carries through today.

HL Galles Sr. and his son HL Galles Jr., developed the burgeoning business into a successful franchised dealership throughout the century.

They added numerous locations throughout New Mexico, as well as other states like Oregon and Arizona.

Galles Jr. would also grow the name to national status, serving as president of the NADA in Washington DC, as well as chair for Galles Motor Company until his death in 2007.

These days the company is helmed by Rick Galles, who also introduced the Galles name to the racing world for more than two decades and leading the team to numerous victories including an Indy 500 trophy.

Galles is a fifth-generation company with deep roots and deep personal investment in the growth of New Mexico.