ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – National Pasta Day is October 17, and to celebrate, KRQE News 13 found out which spots have some of the best pasta in the Duke City. From the classics to new and unique choices, Albuquerque has pasta for every taste.

Based on Google reviews, KRQE compiled a list of places in Albuquerque that sell pasta – all of which have at least 4.5 stars and 500 reviews on Google.

*The following lists are based on Google reviews and KRQE viewer input

Highest Rated Pasta Restaurants in Albuquerque

What Do Our Viewers Recommend?

KRQE News 13 shared a post to see what our viewers had to say about Albuquerque’s best pasta spots. Here are some of the places that locals recommended:

*Viewer recommendations included in Google’s highest rated are listed as “KRQE fan favorite” above