ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two young Albuquerque residents are turning their pandemic experience into art. The musicians are releasing a song they hope will resonate with other students and people who may be struggling. If you ask Miyawni Curtis where her love of music comes from, she’d say it runs in her blood.

“I started writing when I was probably like 10 maybe. I’ve always liked music,” said Curtis. “All my life, I’ve loved it. I grew up in the church listening to music, my dad does music.”

Curtis is a high school senior at Albuquerque’s Public Academy for Performing Arts. She says her experience during the pandemic has inspired her new single.

“Me being a senior in high school, it’s been really difficult for me and I wanted to relate to people,” said Curtis. “Being a senior, you’re going to go through a lot of different situations, you have prom or things you do like senior sunrises and I know we weren’t really able to do much of that. There’s a lot of social anxiety that comes with that.”

Curtis says she knows many fellow students are hurting, as well as the millions of others feeling that loss of connection. She says because of that, she wants her music to bring hope.

“We’re missing our friends, we’re missing our family, and we just want to be with them again, we want to hug them, and we just want to be there,” said Curtis. “We’re going to get better, we’re going to have a chance to see everyone again.”

Her new single is called “New Normal.” It’s produced by fellow aspiring artist Mose Kaspar, as well as local veteran producer Diles.

“Music always gives you emotions, no matter if you like it or you hate the song,” said Curtis. “It’s always going to bring something out of you and I hope this can just bring anything out of people especially with all of this going on.”

With big goals ahead, Curtis plans to continue music in college. However, she hopes first, she can use those talents to inspire others.

“I want people to really think about their life and not take it for granted because I realize I may have taken things for granted in the past and now I just want to love everyone and be there for everyone,” said Curtis. “This experience shows that you never know, so just love everyone and I hope people take that from my song.”

The song is now available. You can listen to the full song on all major streaming sites, including Spotify and YouTube.