NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Auditions are taking place for the new voice of Zozobra. Contestants do their best rendition of Zozobra in front of a screen showing Old Man Gloom, reacting to the movements of the 50-foot-tall marionette.

More than 60 people have auditioned to be Old Man Gloom so far. The top ten will audition this week. The winner will play Zozobra beginning this year.

2022 will mark the 98th burning of the Zozobra. Organizers are now pre-selling tickets to the event planned for Friday, September 2. For this year’s event, organizers are promising a “rockin’ 90s dance party.”

Online ticket sales also include a $4 “processing fee,” according to the Zozobra’s ticket sale website. That processing fee is reduced to $3 if a ticket buyer certifies that they are a New Mexico resident.

Early, online non-resident ticket prices are $24 total ($20 for the ticket, plus a $4 processing fee.) Meanwhile, tickets will be $25 per person on the day of the event, Friday, September 2, 2022. To view the various options, click this link to visit the Zozobra event’s official website.