ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A TV pilot shot and produced in Albuquerque, with a completely local cast and crew, premiered Sunday afternoon at the Guild Cinema. The writer and director of the show, Riley Del Rey, says her goal is to highlight major social issues while showcasing New Mexico’s talent.

“We didn’t want any outside talent from other states,” said Violet Martinez, the producer of Capitol Barbie. So, Del Rey and Martinez searched for their cast and crew in the Land of Enchantment only.

The series is a political show about Latinos working in Washington D.C. “The show is about a young woman making her mark on D.C.” said Del Rey. “As trans women, we’re here to make our mark on the New Mexico film industry,” she said.

Del Rey and Martinez began production just before the start of the pandemic. “I was heartbroken when we had to pause for COVID,” Del Rey said. “I thought we were never going to be able to finish the film,” she told KRQE.

But, Del Rey says they picked up right where they left off, “We had an amazing cast who were committed and loyal,” she said. Sunday afternoon the cast and crew celebrated the pilot debut at the locally-owned Guild Cinema.

Del Rey and Martinez say they are currently writing the second episode of the show. They’re hopeful it’ll get picked up by a network, or Netflix so they can continue the project.