ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the new season of Stranger Things continues to get national attention, a recent interview is bringing that spotlight on a local Albuquerque business. New Mexicans who have seen the show, might also recognize some notable Albuquerque locations.

“If you watch the series, you see a lot of filming being done in Albuquerque. They are doing a lot for our economy,” said Trevor Randall, Director of Food and Beverage at Sawmill Market.

One place is receiving some attention from the actors who visited once the cameras weren’t rolling. “To have a shoutout by them, such qualified actors in such a big hit show, it was a big deal to us,” said Randall.

Sawmill Market in Old Town. “Whenever they were here, it creates a lot of buzz,” said Randall.

During an interview with MTV, cast members Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, and new addition Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, made up an entire song about Sawmill, specifically mentioning Flora restaurant.

“We were really excited to see it. We all love Stranger Things, I think Albuquerque as a whole really loves Stranger Things and any extra attention we can get to the market is always exciting, but we were definitely thrilled to see them talk about it and see they had a good experience,” said Randall.

The video is piquing interest in all of the establishments inside. “Business is great, Sawmill Market as a whole is doing well. We’re seeing a lot of traction here at Flora,” said Randall.

Owners are grateful for the extra buzz. “People are checking us out because of the interviews so we thank those actors for giving us a shoutout,” said Randall.

Sharing the love beyond Sawmills doors too. “Another fantastic well-done show that’s been giving us a lot of attention, so it’s great. Not only for the Sawmill Market but for the Albuquerque area,” said Randall.