AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink,” or in this case, all summer we wear pink! This summer’s fashion trend belongs to a color that shows empowerment and fortitude in different styles that have existed since the birth of the iconic Barbie.

Stars like Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, and Megan Fox have fully embraced the “Barbiecore” trend as they show their pink perfection looks off on the streets and at premieres. The color goes beyond vibrancy and a spark of attitude that so many have encouraged and embraced.

Scientists have theorized that the color pink does not exist but is simply different wavelengths of light that reflect off an object with the visible light breaking into colors of the rainbow. In its basic form, pink is simply a blend of red and white.  

That being said, the color pink can mean love, compassion, youth, and even good health but many people see it as a charming color that could go perfectly with Christian Louboutin heels or a Versace bag. Some may argue that pink can hold negative connotations such as passivity, inexperience, or a timid personality.

Trend Alert

A pantsuit was often seen as a one-way fashion street with women wearing them for practical reasons. The modernized pantsuit can symbolize ambition and can create striking fashion imagery that goes beyond the “business look.” Just add pink and the “Barbiecore” look is ignited.

In addition, pink has made its way as part of street and loungewear courtesy of the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit that Paris Hilton wore in the early 2000s. These early staples made pink in fashion hip and cool but, why has “Barbiecore” blown up today?

The Birth of “Barbiecore”

There may be a simple explanation for the term “Barbiecore” surfacing in the summer of 2022: Margot Robbie, with her long blonde locks, and her baby blue headband, playfully smiling in a pastel pink car. The upcoming 2023 live-action “Barbie” movie was announced earlier this year with Robbie set to star as the all-around, opportunity-yielding, Barbie. Ryan Gosling, with his freshly bleach blonde hair, co-stars in the project as her partner Ken.

Paparazzi often caught the pair filming around Los Angeles dressed as their characters and having a laugh as they rollerbladed around Venice. The film will be written by Greta Gerwig and partner Noah Baumbach with Gerwig set to direct the film.

Robbie explained in an interview with British Vogue that she understood the baggage that comes with playing the iconic figure.

“People generally hear ‘Barbie’ and think, ‘I know what that movie is going to be,’ and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, ‘ Oh well, maybe I don’t…’ said Robbie.

#Barbiecore on TikTok has more than 24 million views along with a multitude of videos that detail a “life in plastic” lifestyle. This hashtag has become a high-rated trend on social media, with no slow-down mode in sight.

Not only is the color trend seeping into fashion but also in home decor. Hot-pink couches and pastel pink refrigerators have created a modern spin on a vintage classic.

For instance, the Trixie Motel set to open in early September and created by drag queen Trixie Mattel will have visitors drowning in pink. The hotel in Palm Springs features a fully decked-out pink lounge along with a pink pool area, a pink flamingo room, and more.

Life in Plastic

Barbie is often seen as the prominent representation of pink excellence as she embodies the all-around businesswoman with careers that change faster than a revolving door at the Four Seasons Hotel.

So, where did the Barbie doll come from? The first Barbie was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler for her daughter Barbara and only as a brunette or a blonde. Ken was introduced in 1961 while the original African-American Barbie and Ken were introduced in 1980.

The evolution of Barbie has significantly grown with a diverse range of styles. But the color pink will have important value to Barbie as it can make a person feel a connection to their childhood. This may prompt adults to consider the shade that can bring back important memories, whether good or bad.

All facts considered, many individuals would consider a pink Barbie world as a much-needed escape from the time-consuming hardships of today’s world.