ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Eight newer film production facilities are getting a key stamp of approval from the state, allowing for film productions to cash in on additional New Mexico tax credits. The eight newly “qualified production facilities” sit along the I-25 corridor in or near Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces.

The eight added facilities mean there are now a total of 21 officially qualified production facilities in New Mexico. Film productions that use qualified facilities can earn an additional 5% tax break on the costs of their production expenses in New Mexico. That’s on top of a base 25% credit that’s available for productions. (You can read all about New Mexico’s film tax credits at

The Albuquerque-area has three of the eight new production facilities. They include “Hanover Studios” on the westside and “The Studios at Journal Center” on the north end of the city.

According to the state Film Office, the new Hanover studio is more than 25,000 square feet. There are also plans for a second facility of the same size at the Hanover site, near I-40 and Coors.

Meanwhile, the Journal Center has added a more than 23,000 square foot sound stage, 21,000 square feet of “mill space,” production offices and dock access. The Film Office highlights the project as a “stellar example of economic development,” saying the Albuquerque Journal “rejuvenated underutilized space” for new studio facilities that are in high demand.

The third facility is said to be in the southern part of Albuquerque, called “Quixote / SSPS.” It includes a 7,770 square foot space for filming and another 5,000 square foot warehouse.

The Santa Fe area is also adding two new qualified production facilities. They include the “Santa Fe Midtown Studios” and “Stanley Ranch.”

The Stanley Ranch is a 480 acre facility in rural Santa Fe County near Stanley, south of the city of Santa Fe. It includes and original house from the 1920’s. The location has been used for TV shows including “Roswell” and “Waco.”

In the Las Cruces area, three new facilities have received the designation, including the more than 30,000 square foot Calcot/Hayner Soundstage; the 7,000 square foot Mirranda Soundstage; and SFM, a nearly 10,000 square foot facility. All three of the Las Cruces facilities are owned by 828 Productions.