SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Meow Wolf is open for the first time in over a year, starting Friday and with it, comes some brand new rooms to check out. The weird, wacky, and wonderful are all back at the art collective’s Santa Fe location.

“It was really great for the team to be able to take a moment and stop and think about what type of experience we want the guests to have once they come back,” said Genell Hoechstetter, senior creative director at Meow Wolf Santa Fe. “We also have a lot of different measures that we took inside of the exhibition to make sure that it was safe and fun.”

Outside of the House of Eternal Return, guests can expect a brand new retail store and an expanded cafe. Both are at least twice the size of before.

“We just try to keep it fun and safe at the same time but still allow for freedom,” said Hoechstetter. “Seeing their smiling faces and seeing people be inspired just experiencing the art inside of the exhibit.”

Inside, there are plenty of new COVID-safe features like hand sanitizing stations, QR codes to follow the story’s “narrative” of the house – replacing touchable newspapers and magazines, and hands-free “elbow scanners” to open doors. However, there are also new adventures to keep visitors entertained.

“We’ve put a photo booth in our lighthouse,” said Susan Garbett, general manager of the House of Eternal Return. “We’ve done some really cool lighting at the top of our lighthouse and they’re all sort of easter egg things that we hope folks walk around and discover.”

Meow Wolf has also added a number of new artist rooms to discover, featuring the works of Corinne Loperfido (Trash Temple), Paolo Puck (Sarah) and Janell Langford (Obsidiopolis). This comes as Meow Wolf celebrates its fifth anniversary in Santa Fe.

One of the new rooms is CJ’s Temporal Lobby/Obsidiopolis by Langford. She says the room, following the dreams of character “CJ”, is inspired by protection, truth, and those who give her strength.

“My main focus and my drive and the reason I do what I do is black fems. They inspire me, they give me strength, they give me wisdom,” said Langford. “We don’t want people to touch things while they’re here but you can get close to her hair, any black woman’s hair, the whole vibe of the room changes.”

Meow Wolf says they’re also working on getting musical acts back into their venue in the coming months, with bigger artists likely to come later this fall or early next year. Until then, they say they’re just happy to have people exploring the house’s wonders, once again.

Tickets for Meow Wolf are now available to buy online or at the lobby if tickets aren’t already sold out, due to limited capacity. The Santa Fe location will only be open Friday through Monday each week and is already sold out through March 28.