NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Around the world and in the United States, there are a variety of locations and places that are classified as haunted. Here in New Mexico, there is no shortage. Below is a list of some of the places that claim they are haunted.


Hotel Parq Central

Home to a high-end lounge and hotel, this location is filled with a haunted past. This hotel was once home to a hospital and psychiatric facility. The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company opened in 1921 to offer medical treatment to the employees who were working nearby and in 1982 the building was converted to a mental health institution and renamed Memorial Hospital. The location was providing psychiatric services until it closed its doors in 2007. Then in 2010, the location was refurbished into the hotel it is known as today, Hotel Parq Central. According to, former patients of the facility and even recent guests at the casino have experienced ghostly apparitions disembodied voices, objects being moved by unseen forces, and a feeling of constantly being watched.

KiMo Theater

Locals describe this location as one of the state’s most famous haunted locations. According to, there is a resident ghost who goes by the name “Bobby” and he died in the building in 1951. The incident occurred during a movie screening when a water heater in the lobby exploded and killed the young boy, “Bobby.” Today it is said that he roams the theater, causing problems during shows. Performers have been known to bring him gifts so he does not interfere with performances.

Bernalillo County Courthouse

Built in 1926, this unique haunted location has built its reputation over the years. According to, the basement is known to be filled with some sort of haunting. Witnesses have reported seeing flickering lights, feeling cold spots, and even gusts of wind. Rumors have also said that a ghostly girl is said to haunt the area.


St. James Hotel

Built in 1872, the St. James Hotel was the highlight in the Wild West days. Today it still holds pieces of history, even a dining room ceiling with 22 bullets still wedged in. This hotel has been known to host outlaws like Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Billy the Kid. According to their website, today those who dare to step foot can stay in one of the rooms named for the famous outlaws. The location is gone to over 26 murders and even some victims wandered to the hotel. Room 18 is said it be haunted by a spirit that goes by the name of T.J. Wright, a gambler who was murdered. People say his ghost is still around today.

Dawson Cemetery

According to Dawson, NM is known as a ghost town that is close to Cimarron, NM. Dawson was known for their coal mining operation but most of what remains of the town is the cemetery. In 1913 a massive explosion led to about 263 men being killed. Another incident took place about 10 years later in 1923 at the mines and resulted in about 121 miners losing their lives. In 1950 the town was abandoned and the mines were closed.


Foster’s Hotel

Three ghosts are supposedly haunting this old hotel, saloon and restaurant which is located in Chama, NM. Built in 1881 this location has had its fair share of Wild West throughout its time. According to many report hearing sounds of a woman choking and gasping for breath, young girls are also reported crying in the hotel and there is even a cowboy who is said to walk the hotel halls. Today, the hotel, restaurant and saloon are still operating. Those who are willing to go should get ready for a ghost hunt.


Hotel Eklund

According to, this location is known for paranormal activity, specifically in room 307. That is where the local legend stays, her name is Irene. Those who gave dared to stay claimed to hear creaking floorboards and faces which are visible in the wallpaper. Ghost activity is also said to have occurred in the museum as well. The hotel was originally built in 1892 and was used as a saloon and gambling hall with 24 hotel rooms, two dining rooms and a hotel bar.

Union County Courthouse

A building that was reconstructed in 1909 after a tornado tore through the original building is home to the Union County Courthouse. According to, legend says that outlaw Blackjack Ketchum haunts the halls. There are also reported sightings of full silhouettes and orbs which seem to follow guests around.


The Lodge Resort & Spa

The Lodge was originally built as a stopover for the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway. The Lodge burned down in the early 1900s. According to, there is a legend that talks about a chambermaid, Rebecca who had disappeared from her quarters after her lumberjack lover found her in the arms of another. It is said that Rebecca still roams the halls of the hotel. Ashtrays have been seen moving, doors open and closed, furniture moving on its own, lights turning on and off, and even fires have been known to ignite in the fireplace. Those who dare to stay could also visit their restaurant can also learn about why it is named after their favorite friendly ghost.

Las Cruces

Doña Ana County Courthouse & Jail

This jail was built in 1937. According to, it is no longer in use but it is known for the highly active paranormal activity that still goes on. This location is home to many deaths over its time in operation but has been unused since 2008. A variety of paranormal investigators have made a trip here including the hosts of Ghost Adventures, a popular paranormal show on the Travel Channel. Those who have visited this location have reported feeling cold spots in the building and even said they have seen shadowy apparitions. A repeat visitor has stated he has been scratched by an invisible hand and has witnessed a jail cell door closing on its own.

The Amador Hotel

This hotel was built in 1866. According to is known as a popular Las Cruces ghost tour stop. They offer ghost tours here at this location and many guests have reported seeing shadowy figures, flashlights turning off and on and people have even reported their arms were mysteriously scratched. Guests have even given a name to a ghost of a little girl, who is named Annie and she is often seen on the second floor.

Las Vegas

Plaza Hotel

Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA – August 26, 2022: the historic Plaza Hotel on Plaza Square has been used frequently as a film location

Built in 1882, the Plaza Hotel is home to history and the paranormal. According to the past owner, Byron T. Well is said to haunt the building. The hotel’s restaurant and bar are even named after him, maybe this is what keeps him around. Those who are interested can book a room in 310, which was Byron’s office and guests have said he is known to be around.

Los Lunas

The Luna Mansion

This mansion was built in the 1880s and was unique due to its structure. It was the only known Victorian-style structure made of traditional adobe. The location was built as a gift from the Santa Fe Railway in exchange for access through the extensive land holdings of the Luna and Otero families. According to, the spot features a historic site, a restaurant, and even some ghost sightings. The ghost who is known to be there is Josefita Otero, who died during renovations to the mansion in 1951. It is said that she left some unfinished business around the mansion and she is seen in her rocking chair or even walking up and down the mansion’s expansive staircase.


Double Eagle Restaurant

Since 1849 this location has seen a variety of unfortunate events. In the 19th century, it was the location of a brutal double homicide and according to their website, the ghosts of the victims are still in the room where they were killed. Today, the room is called the Carlotta Room. But there is a warning, guests are encouraged to not sit in the corner chairs so the ghosts won’t get upset. Although, it is reported that the activity is a mischievous, prankster-esque poltergeist. The restaurant is still open today and whether or not you are there for the ghosts the food is said to be a must-try.

Santa Fe

La Fonda

La Fonda on the Plaza | Adobe Stock
La Fonda on the Plaza | Adobe Stock

With over 400 years of history, this place is home to paranormal activity. According to, the hotel’s restaurant known as La Plazuela guests have reported a man swinging from a tree while guests have been dining. Back in 1857, a gambler was taken by a lynch mob and hung in the hotel’s backyard, today this is the site of the restaurant. Rumors have said that there is a shadow of a man that swings from the tree while diners are there. Guests have also reported seeing a judge wandering the hotel, a bride who haunts the wedding suite, and sometimes there may be a ghost of a cowboy sitting next to you in the barstool.

La Posada Hotel

La Posada Ghost FULL 1 031315clg_109095

A merchant in 1882 built a three-story brick mansion that is known as La Posada today. The merchant Abraham Staab and his wife, Julia Staab entered Santa Fe with the finest European materials. According to, legend says his wife has never left and often appears at the top of the grand staircase in the original building in the main complex of the inn. She also has been seen in the Nason Room which is a small alcove built upon the old formal gardens of the original structure. The house is still standing and those who would like to test their luck at seeing the lady of the house at the bar of La Posada.