NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The public is being tasked with voting for the next inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Three will be chosen with help from the National Selection Advisory Committee and the Player’s Choice ballot from a list of 12 finalists.

The fourth inductee is where the public comes in. They will be voting among a list of five multi-time finalists that never quite made the cut in previous years: The Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ, Pogo Stick, and Transformers.

The “Forgotten Five” toy finalists

Fisher-Price Corn Popper – introduced in 1957, parents of children who used the Corn Popper noticed that children could strengthen gross motor skills by using it. The colorful balls and popping sound helped stimulate the senses.

My Little Pony – The toy originally became popular in the 1980s with a resurgence in the early ’00s. The ponies have had more than 1,000 varieties with manes and long tails made for brushing. During its original peak between 1982 and 1993, My Little Pony toys even outsold Barbie

PEZ – Even though the candy started as a breath mint in 1927, it wasn’t until 1948 that the creators introduced a small, mechanical box to dispense the candy. The dispensers would eventually feature pop culture characters. The PEZ Company currently sells three billion individual candies each year and about 60 to 70 dispensers in production.

Pogo Stick – The pogo stick was first patented in the United States in the early 20th century. It has remained popular in American life because of its simple and challenging design which promotes agility and physical

Transformers – Introduced in the mid-1980s, the Transformers were marketed alongside an elaborate backstory supported with a Marvel comic book series, a cartoon television series, movies, video games, consumer goods, and its own cereal.

People can submit their vote on the National Museum of Play website. The final inductees will be announced on November 10.