NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Film Office has announced the production of the feature film “Night of the Starlings” in New Mexico. The gothic ghost film is based on elements of the La Llorona myth and will be filming in and around Madrid through July.

“The story takes place in 1973 and is about a 13-year-old girl, ‘Rae,’ who despite her own hardships, struggles to save an abandoned teenage mother and her baby,” says the film office. The film is directed by Betsy Burke (“Teardrop”) who says, “We are so excited to go into production for a fully local film; local story, locations, cast, and crew.”

The production is expected to employ around 25 New Mexico crew members, 10 New Mexico principal actors, and 30 New Mexico background actors. The feature film will also be employing students from Santa Fe Community College.

The film is being produced by Rokitpig Entertainment in association with Outskirts 66 Films and KeyVision Productions. Stars of the production include Lauren Marshall (“The Courage to Hope”), Aubrey Trujillo (“Coyote Cage”), Mikie Beatty (“NCIS”), and Sophia Meneses Ortega.