SAN DIEGO — “Jesse, let it go…we need to cook,” some mezcal!

“Breaking Bad” stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, have been making the rounds in San Diego to promote their new mezcal, Dos Hombres.

The two actors behind Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were at the Mission Valley Costco Monday for a scheduled bottle signing, reportedly bringing out enough people for the line to wrap about the parking lot.

After Monday’s event, the TV show drug lord duo reportedly headed to another bottle signing at a Bevmo liquor store in Point Loma.

This is the latest in the pair’s promotional tour between Las Vegas and San Diego for Dos Hombres over the last few weeks.

One of the first events in America’s Finest City was at Cowboy Star restaurant in East Village at the end of February, with fans taking to social media to share Cranston and Paul working their magic behind the bar to mix up cocktails for a packed restaurant.

At Monday’s event, a video captured by Renée Bunn that was shared with FOX 5 showed the crowd singing to Cranston while holding a cake given to him by Costco employees to celebrate his Mar. 7 birthday.

While they gained fame playing characters that specialized in illicit substances, Cranston and Paul founded Dos Hombres mezcal back in 2019, a venture born of the genuine friendship that developed while they were filming AMC’s smash hit TV show.

“Aaron and I got together on this basically because we missed each other,” Cranston told Inc. Magazine. “Three years after Breaking Bad finished, we happened to be in NYC at the same time and had dinner. We realized how much we missed each other, and Aaron said, ‘We can’t work together on screen. The characters are too indelible in fans’ minds. We should go into business together. What about mezcal?’ I said, ‘That’s a terrible idea.'”

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Years later, the liquor is available for purchase online and in select stores across the country.