NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Better Call Saul is making a big donation to the future of film in New Mexico. The hit show donated $80,000 as part of the New Mexico Film Office’s ‘Give Back Program.’ The money can be used to buy equipment, software, and supplies, or scholarship programs.

“The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul productions have done so much for the New Mexico film industry and their contributions go beyond what most even talk about such as this funding to our Giveback Program. These financial contributions have a positive and wide-reaching impact and are an important long-term investment to New Mexico’s film industry. Programs like this are key to supporting continued efforts to expand our world-class crew and provide students who attend New Mexico film schools with the equipment they need to receive a quality education,” said Amber Dodson in a news release, Director of the New Mexico Film Office.

The following are the schools receiving funding:

  • Northern New Mexico College Film Program
  • New Mexico State University – Grants Campus
  • University of New Mexico – Taos Campus
  • New Mexico State University – Doña Ana Community College
  • New Mexico Highlands University