KRQE’s Weather Academy is an educational opportunity for kids to learn about the science of weather. During the 1-hour presentation, kids will learn about the weather taking place outside the walls of the classroom and in their backyard. The KRQE’s Weather Academy will not only teach kids about the weather but also how to stay safe during dangerous weather conditions.

Things to Note

  • The Weather Academy is only for 2nd- 6th graders.
  • The minimum class size – 20 and the maximum class size – 60.
  • There will not be any academies scheduled from November 13th – January 12th.

What to expect

Every week, KRQE Meteorologists will visit an elementary class to educate students about the fascinating world of weather. After the presentation, students will take a short quiz, receive a certificate, and be recognized as official “Graduates of the KRQE Weather Academy.”

Students will also receive a KRQE Weather Academy certificate, an activity sheet, and a review sheet.

Each class presentation will be posted to the KRQE Weather Academy page.

If you’re a teacher and are interested in taking part in KRQE’s Weather Academy, please fill out the form below.