NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – After paying $85,000 over several years to buy her forever home, Maria Zaragoza is now fighting foreclosure. Her home sale was never recorded in county records, and meanwhile, unbeknownst to Zaragoza, the original home seller took out a mortgage on the property that’s now several years delinquent.

A recent investigation by KRQE News 13’s Gabrielle Burkhart looks into how problem unfolded and the what could be the next steps in the case, as Zaragoza tries to stay in her home. KRQE News 13 Digital Anchor Chris McKee recently discusses the story with Gabrielle in a “Behind the Story” conversation. Watch the video in this article for the complete investigative discussion.

For more context about this discussion, watch and read Gabby’s complete story on The story is titled: “Fighting foreclosure: New Mexico woman thought she paid off home.”

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