ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A recent KRQE News 13 Investigation shows a growing number of violent incidents on Albuquerque city buses involving bus drivers. City data indicates a rise in the number of reports of battery against drivers with 29 cases reported in 2021, a more than 70% increase over 2019 and 2020 figures.

Investigative Reporter Gabrielle Burkhart recently discussed the story at length in the KRQE News 13 Digital Studio. Watch the video on this page for a complete investigative discussion about her story.

How did Gabrielle start working on this story? Are any city councilors concerned with the trend? Is the city looking for other solutions to help address the increased number of battery reports? Those questions and more are discussed in this latest Behind the Story segment.

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For more context about this discussion, watch and read Gabby’s complete story on The story is titled: Albuquerque bus drivers speak out about violence.

“Behind the story,” is KRQE News 13’s online exclusive web series, giving viewers a more detailed look into the process and the work that goes into KRQE News 13’s investigative reports. For more segments on prior stories, visit the KRQE News 13 Investigates page by clicking this link.