ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new Larry Barker investigation exposed a $50,000 allocation by state lawmakers for a so-called “International Heavy Metal Music Mobile Museum” to be created in Bernalillo County. But as Larry found, some public officials didn’t follow the rules outlined for obtaining funding for the idea.

Talking about the process of putting together the investigation, Larry Barker recently joined KRQE Digital Anchor Chris McKee for a “Behind the Story” conversation. Among the topics covered: how Larry began investigating the story, what’s next for the money that’s been earmarked for the project, and if anyone will face consequences for the situation that unfolded.

Watch the full conversation in the video player on this page to learn more about the process Larry took in compiling his investigation. For more context about this discussion, view Larry’s complete story on, titled, “Project 1891: Case study on how not to spend public money.”

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“Behind the story,” is KRQE News 13’s online, exclusive web series, giving viewers a detailed explanation into the work that goes into KRQE News 13’s investigative reports. For more segments on prior Larry Barker investigations, visit the Larry Barker Investigates page here.