NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Newly released video sheds light on what lead to a gun fight between a suspect and Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies nearly two weeks ago. The shooting unfolded at a mobile home park along Atrisco Vista Boulevard SW, ending with a deputy shooting the suspect in the leg and chest.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, top brass with BCSO detailed the actions deputies took responding to the call. The event began around 4 a.m. on Sunday, Mar. 12, after a woman called 911 to report that the suspect, Jose Ramon Santillano, 42, had entered her home with a gun.

Deputies arrived around 4:21 a.m. BCSO Chief Deputy Nicholas Huffmyer said the deputies took longer than normal to respond because the mobile home park had recently changed a gate code deputies previously used to access the property.

Shortly after deputies arrived at the 911 caller’s home, the victim exited the home. She was not injured. Still inside the home, the suspect, Santillano refused to exit. By 4:32 a.m. deputies visually confirmed that Santillano was armed with a rifle.

Roughly 30 minutes later, Santillano got on the phone with a deputy. BCSO released a body camera video Thursday, with audio of the conversation. Santillano can be heard in the recording threatening to kill deputies.

“I’ll kill one of you guys, I promise, I will,” Santillano said in the recording played by BCSO. Huffmyer said Santillano made the remark after already firing at least one shot from his weapon.

By 5:20 a.m., BCSO says Santillano fired one more shot. This time, the bullet struck a BCSO vehicle. Evidentiary photos published Thursday show a BCSO SUV was shot in the front bumper and the front windshield by the end of the incident. Other surrounding properties were also hit with gunfire.

BCSO says Deputy Ruckman shot Santillano around 5:22 a.m. as deputies saw Santillano continuing to shoot out the window of the mobile home. A dash camera captured the shooting, as the deputy opened fire on a window, seeing movement near the window blinds.

“We know from interviews, [Deputy Ruckman] believed he saw the suspect aiming the rifle through the blinds again, and he went to a position that he thought was most advantageous for him,” Huffmyer said, describing the deputy lying on his stomach (the prone position) before he fired his weapon. “The suspect’s already shot multiple times.”

After the deputy opened fire, BCSO says it was over two hours before Santillano surrendered without incident. Huffmyer said dispatchers convinced Santillano to give up.

Investigators say Santillano was hit by gunfire in his leg and chest, and hit with shrapnel in the face. Santillano is expected to survive his injuries.

Sheriff’s reaction

Thursday’s news conference marked the first deputy-involved shooting news conference for newly-elected Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen. Addressing the case, Allen emphasized frustration with Santillano’s criminal history and his recent release from jail.

The Sheriff noted that Santillano was arrested on February 23, 2023 and charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and other charges in relation to a domestic violence case. The Sheriff said Santillano was release on his own recognizance in that case.

“He pointed a firearm at the victim in the last incident, and threatened the victim while wearing an ankle bracelet,” Sheriff Allen said. “Why are they out in our community, revictimizing and reoffending [in] our community?”

When asking the “why are they out” question Thursday, Allen said he wouldn’t “throw people under the bus” or cast blame on anyone making decisions surrounding Santillano’s release. The Sheriff emphasized teamwork to solve issues.

“If do not work together and keep bringing these issues up, we’re going to have the same problems over and over and over again,” Allen said. “Our deputies that are out there, putting their lives on the line every day, have to deal with this nonsense, and they’re going to court and trying to keep all of you safe, but then again, coming out and dealing with the same people.”

Santillano is facing 13 charges in the latest shooting case. Records indicate he’s facing seven counts of assault with intent to commit a violent felony on a peace officer among other charges.