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Enapter AG expands product portfolio with “AEM Flex 120” electrolyser for the streamlined launch of hydrogen projects

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AEM Flex 120 is designed for rapid, simplified launch of low-cost green hydrogen projects. It meets demand from industry for production needs from 70-500 kW.

The AEM Flex 120 is a self-contained and ready-to-use product that allows industrial companies and energy developers to quickly start producing green hydrogen.”
— Sebastian-Justus Schmidt
BERLIN, GERMANY, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Enapter AG (ISIN: DE000A255G02) is strategically expanding its product portfolio with the “AEM Flex 120”, a new AEM electrolyser for the streamlined launch of industrial and refuelling pilot projects. The AEM Flex 120 features up to 50 AEM Stack core modules, ensuring flexible operation and high reactivity to fluctuating renewable energy. It produces around 53 kg of hydrogen per day at 99.999 percent purity with optional dryer, addressing the market gap between Enapter’s AEM Electrolyser EL 4 (1 kg/day) and its megawatt-scale AEM Multicore (450 kg/day).

The first commercial product, created for the German company ABC-Klinker, will be presented to Enapter partners and system integrators on 21 September in Saerbeck, Germany. Enapter has set up production capacities so that delivery of further AEM Flex 120 electrolysers can take place in 2024.

German brick producer ABC-Klinker is the first customer for the AEM Flex 120, being one of many companies using natural gas for “process heat” in their production furnaces. They opted for the AEM Flex 120 to counter natural gas price fluctuations by piloting their production and use of cost-effective clean hydrogen gas at short notice. They will start to decarbonise their activities by blending green hydrogen into their furnace gas mix and will gradually move towards 100% use of green hydrogen.

Companies looking to replace fossil fuel use in furnaces and ovens – for example, in tiles, ceramics and glass production – are already showing great interest in the flexible and scalable solution offered by the AEM Flex 120. Other applications in the sales pipeline include forklift, car and bus refueling stations, as well as electricity storage for peak shaving and energy self-sufficiency.

The AEM Flex 120 allows customers to choose the exact amount of hydrogen production needed – from 70kW to 120kW – with the possibility to later add production capacity for those who start small. By avoiding oversizing and using cost-efficient AEM technology, this product offers a low-cost option to pilot green hydrogen. The skid-mounted product is designed for simple and rapid integration into customer environments. Using Enapter’s energy management software, hydrogen production, storage and transmission can be planned, controlled, and monitored automatically and remotely. This ensures the efficient use of available energy, a reliable hydrogen supply and minimised maintenance.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter: “The AEM Flex 120 is an excellent addition to our existing product portfolio. It is a self-contained and ready-to-use product that allows industrial companies and energy developers to quickly start producing green hydrogen. Thanks to its flexibility, the AEM Flex 120 can be adapted to individual customer needs and can thus be used in almost all sectors.”

About Enapter:
Enapter is an innovative energy technology company that manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators – known as electrolysers – to replace fossil fuels and thus drive the global energy transition. Their patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology enables the series and mass production of cost-effective plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen production at any scale and any place. Their modular systems are already used by more than 340 customers in 50+ countries, in the energy, mobility, industrial, heating and telecommunications sectors. Enapter has its main office in Germany as well as an R&D and production site in Italy.

Enapter AG is listed on the regulated market of the Frankfurt and Hamburg stock exchanges, WKN: A255G0, ISIN: DE000A255G02.

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