SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say a Santa Fe man was armed with a large knife and tried to get away with shoplifting. Newly released police video shows officers shot the man who reportedly refused to put the knife down.

Last week, Santa Fe Police got to the parking lot of the Big R store on St. Michaels to find two people with stab wounds and an angry man. Police say that man was Joseph Galassini.

Police say Galassini went into the store to steal a jacket, but when employees tried to stop him, he pulled out a large knife and allegedly slashed them. Once officers showed up, video shows he also tried attacking them.

Galassini refused to listen to officers to put his knife down. After telling him multiple times to back down, officers fired two shots at Galassini.

Police say he was hit twice and his injuries were not life-threatening. Within minutes, more officers show up to try and help the 33-year-old, but he continued to fight.

Galassini was taken to the hospital to get his wounds treated. He’s now at the Santa Fe County Detention Center.

Galassini has been charged with shoplifting, aggravated assault on a peace officer, and battery. Back in December 2018, he was busted shoplifting from a Walmart in Santa Fe and told police the holidays were hard on him because he had no job. Those charges were dismissed.

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