NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Environment Department’s Drinking Water Bureau has lifted advisories for several water systems in Mora and San Miguel Counties affected by the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon Fire.

Advisories have been lifted for:

  • Mike Mateo Elementary School, San Miguel County
  • Ledoux MDWCA, Mora County
  • Mora MDWCA, Mora County
  • South Holman MDWCA, Mora County
  • Upper Holman MDWCA, Mora County
  • San Antonio de Cleveland, Mora County
  • North Cleveland, Mora County
  • Guadalupita MDWCA, Mora County
  • Mora Inn & RV, Mora County

Several water systems remain on a precautionary drinking water advisory which include:

  • Pendaries MDWCA, San Miguel County
  • Pendaries RV Resort, San Miguel County
  • Camp Blue Haven, San Miguel County
  • El Porvenir Christian Camp, San Miguel County
  • Buena Vista MDWCA, Mora County
  • Agua Nega MDWCA, Mora County
  • Agua Pura MDWCA, Mora County

Water from systems under precautionary advisories can be used for other activities such as washing clothes and dishes, showering, and general non-drinking uses. Use caution when bathing infants and young children. Those who are immunocompromised/immunosuppressed, or have open cuts, wounds, or sores should not use the water to bathe until told the water is safe.