ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If any Albuquerque artists are ready to come out of the woodwork, now might be the time to shine. The City of Albuquerque is searching for people to submit ideas for an upcoming coloring and activity book.

In a release, the city said they are looking to tell Albuquerque’s unknown stories of places, people, and events from all types of views. To do so, the city’s Department of Arts & Culture is asking creative people to submit line drawings, art, educational activities, graphic stories, or short written work for a book.

The city explained the book’s audience is going to be children four years old and up. The goal of approved submissions will be to display the diversities spread across the city. Since children are the main audience, officials are asking to keep the content suitable for younger minds.

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If someone wants to submit a written piece, city officials are asking for it to be shorter than 500 words. Fiction, poetry, memoir, graphic stories, or nonfiction stories will be accepted under this category. Black-and-white line drawings for coloring pages are being accepted as well. Activity suggestions are also eligible for the book. This can include things like riddles, games, puzzles, drawing activities, or other instruction-based games.

Topics of the games, written pieces, and drawings can be inspired by historical events, people, cultural traditions, arts, food, weather, or government.

The deadline for book submissions is October 14. Questions can be directed to, and a submission link is available on the city’s website.