Lobo all-star game draws a crowd

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - What can draw over 9,000 fans to WisePies Arena AKA The Pit in June? A Lobo all-star Basketball game can. In fact, the very first game drew 9,497 people Sunday Night.

"The turnout to the game was unbelievable," said former Lobo Drew Gordon.

Another former Lobo guard Ruben Douglas was not surprised at all saying,"No it did not exceed my expectations at all because I know the fans here the always appreciate us and support us."

The fans got a high scoring game that lacked the defense most all-star games seem to miss. Alex Kirk led the way with 32 points for the victorious Cherry squad in a 127 to 124 win.

Douglas had nine points. Gordon scored 12 points with 7 rebounds. One of the highlights of the game was the slam dunk contest. Tony Dandridge showed that he still can play above the rim despite being one of the older players. He had a slam that left him up to his elbow in the rim.

Deshawn Delaney finished his senior year with the Lobos this past season and showed Danridge that young legs always prevail in a young man's game. Judges gave both contestants tens. The crowd decided by applause awarding Delaney with the win. Will they come again? Organizers of the event, said it depended on the fans and what they wanted to see. It looks like the fans voted yes.


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