Witness: Teen killed in skate park shooting fired first

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - New video Albuquerque police released on Wednesday reveals more details about the investigation into a deadly shooting at a northeast Albuquerque skate park.

While the mother of Jaquise Lewis says her son was murdered, a police interview with a witness who says he is Jaquise's cousin suggests Jaquise fired first.

"It was like, 'Boom,'" Robert Burton told police two weeks after a deadly shooting at Los Altos Skate Park. "Got everyone's attention."

Burton told police it was his cousin, Jaquise Lewis, who shot first during a fight at the skate park nearly a year ago.

"My cousin let off. They all took off running," Burton said.

In the interview two weeks after the shooting, Burton said Lewis shot in the air and then shot at a guy.

"Who shot the white guy first?" an officer asked Burton.

"Jaquise," Burton said.

That is also what another witness, Greg Buchanan, said happened before he claimed he fired at Lewis in self-defense.

"Just because he was actively shooting into a crowd, you know what I mean?" Buchanan said. "He was endangering everyone's lives."

Lewis' mom, Munah Green, said her son did not have a gun and that he was murdered that night.

"I just find it to be disturbing," Green said. "It's not right for them to blame my son. He's not here to tell the story."

The family attorney pointed to a witness police talked to at the scene moments after the shooting. That woman told police she knew Lewis, and she said the only one she saw with a gun was another man with dreadlocks.

As for Burton, Lewis' mom said he is not family.

Police had arrested him on charges in an unrelated case, so she said he was likely lying to try to get out of jail.

"I've never seen him. I've never spoke to him," Green said. "I don't know why he'd say he's related to us because he's not."

During the police interview, Burton did ask police if he could get some type of help, but he said he was worried about what others would do to him if he told police what he saw.

"Won't nobody talk to you," he told police. "They're going to kill me for talking to you."

While the family has called on police to arrest the man who shot Lewis, police have said evidence so far suggests Lewis was shot in self-defense.


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