Video shows wanted man tased, arrested near UNM dorms

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A wanted man who led Albuquerque Police on a chase ended his run with a dramatic arrest in the middle of the University of New Mexico campus.

The suspect who was running ended up being tased right in front of a crowd of students near the dorms and it was all caught on camera.

"It was really surprising," said Sam Biggs, a witness who saw the arrest play out.

Like a lot of other UNM students, Biggs didn't expect to see what took place between the suspect and police. Cell phone video shows the suspect being tased and arrested by Albuquerque Police right in front of the dorms.

"There was like tons of cars out here tons of people," said Biggs.

Biggs saw the whole thing happen while he was taking part in a jogging class at Johnson Field.

"This guy just was walking on the road over there and the police were following him," said Biggs.

Albuquerque Police say Dante Mitchell was at the center of it. Court records show he's been in and out of Metro District Court on various charges, including two different assault cases.

This time, Albuquerque Police wanted Mitchell for a probation violation. But police say Mitchell didn't want to stop.

"He just started sprinting across Johnson ran up to over here," said Biggs.

Video shows Mitchell stopped right in front of the newer "Casas del Rio" dorms, near Pecos Hall.

"You don't scare me! You ain't scary!" shouted Mitchell in cell phone video of the incident.

APD says Mitchell wasn't armed, but refused to listen to them and was acting "erratic."

Witnesses saw it from their dorm windows.

"Kind of like yelling at the cops, like, lunging at him like he's going to fight them," said Biggs.

"You hit me with that, that's on you!" shouted Mitchell.

About four seconds later, police hit Mitchell with a taser. APD arrested Mitchell, but took him to the hospital ,saying he was high on "illegal narcotics."

UNM Police say Mitchell didn't hurt any students, but the incident still left some uneasy.

"I felt a little unsafe when he was yelling at everyone," said Biggs.

The UNM jogging class that Mitchell ran from police through ended up being canceled for the day. UNM says the university was otherwise unaffected. UNM Police weren't involved with Mitchell's arrest because APD says it first spotted Mitchell off-campus, near Lomas and University.


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