Video of APD officer supporting students at DACA rally gets national attention

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)- Hundreds of students across Albuquerque walked out of class and took part in DACA rallies earlier this week.  An APD school resource officer walked with them and he's getting a lot of attention for what he said to those students.

"If you're not willing to die for what this badge represents, then you're in the wrong profession," said Rob DeBuck.

Once retired from the police department, Rob DeBuck now walks the halls of the school he graduated from. He's now the resource officer at Highland High School.

When he walked out with the students on Tuesday during the rally, a video was recorded of him standing along the side of Central. It has gained national attention.

"This is how you exercise your first amendment right," said DeBuck in the interview.

People have been praising his supportive advice to the students after drivers started taunting them.

"If you want to get your word across, this is how you do it. I am so proud of the Highlands students," said DeBuck.

He then let the students know he would protect them.

"I will die before I let them get to you," he said.

On Friday, he responded to that statement,  "If some car had veered off to come towards those kids, it would have come over me first."

DeBuck said he meant every word he said.

"They want to see you guys fighting so they can discredit you, so Trump can say, 'see I was right.' Don't fall into that trap," he told students in the video.

DeBuck said he does apologize for bringing the president's name into it.

"It's unscripted and I certainly, my position is... I shouldn't have said his name and I apologize for that," he said.

He doesn't apologize for his spirit and said what they did moved him.

"It's emotional.. you know," said DeBuck as he teared up, "It means a lot to me."


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