Video: Naked man shot after breaking into Albuquerque home

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) -  A naked Albuquerque man chose the wrong house to break into.

When a homeowner saw an intruder coming through his bedroom window in the middle of the night, he grabbed his gun from the dresser and started shooting.

"We're all concerned about you man, that's all,"  said an Albuquerque police officer to Carlos Alberto Juarez in newly released lapel video.

Juarez was naked and bloody in a Northeast Heights neighborhood on November 23, when dispatch received multiple calls about a naked man jumping fences, trying to break into homes.

"I need help," said Juarez. The officer responded, "We're getting rescue here right now."

Police were able to quickly identify the unclothed burglar who told them he'd been drinking and didn't know if he'd taken any drugs.

"What's going on?" asked an officer. Juarez replied, "The house."

While several officers dealt with Juarez, other officers were speaking with an elderly couple at a home nearby.

In lapel video, the husband walks officers into his bedroom. "He was coming through the window," said the elderly man; an officer responded,"He had his head in here?" while pointing to the window, and the man said yes.

The man told police he and his wife were asleep in their bed when Juarez came breaking into their bedroom window.

"I can't hear nothing, I fired off a couple of shots here," said the man while speaking with police.

Albuquerque police also visited several other nearby apartments where residents reported seeing Juarez, naked running through their backyards. "We were sitting down watching TV when I went out to my backyard and a saw a guy, naked jumping the fence," said another homeowner in lapel video.

But the main scene remained outside the home where police located Juarez, "We just want to make sure that you're okay," said one officer to the disoriented Juarez.

As police finished questioning the elderly couple, Juarez was taken to the hospital. He told police he didn't know what street he was on or what happened before police found him. He had three gunshot wounds to his neck and face.

He was later taken to jail, charged with residential burglary and breaking and entering. He appeared before a judge in late November but has since been released on bond.


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