Video: Local MMA fighter tries to plead his way out of arrest

Correction below. 

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - He made a name for himself as a UFC MMA fighter, but his latest battle landed him behind bars for burglary.

Last month, Sandoval County Sheriff's Deputies pulled Isaac Vallie-Flagg over near Southern and 60th in Rio Rancho, after they saw him inside a restricted area.

Fans of the sport might remember Vallie-Flagg during his prime when he was a UFC fighter.

According to a criminal complaint, deputies believed he was trying to break into the building after they saw his car was filled with tools and guns.

Deputy: "So you weren't trying to break into that building or anything like that?"

Vallie-Flagg: "No, definitely not."

Deputies decided to search his car anyway, and again, he insisted he was innocent.

As deputies told him to go stand behind his car, he broke down.

Deputies: "Let's step in the back."

Vallie-Flagg: "F*** there's drugs in there."

He apologized as deputies put the cuffs on him.

Vallie-Flagg: "I know. I f***ed up. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the drugs. I have a drug problem."

As deputies searched his pockets, they gave him one more chance, to tell the truth.

They would find two pipes in his pockets. Vallie-Flagg then asked deputies to cut him a break one last time.

Vallie-Flagg: "I came out here to f****ing clear my head because my life is f***ing not great."

Deputies also noticed Vallie-Flagg had a Texas license plate that didn't belong on his car. He admitted to switching the plates because his registration had expired.

Deputies also found two guns in Vallie-Flagg's car, one of them had an illegal silencer on it.

He was released from the UFC back in 2014.

Correction: In the video, Isaac Vallie-Flagg was next to a Santa Domingo Pueblo seal. Vallie-Flagg has no connection to the Santa Domingo Pueblo. The image was from a previous story in 2016 where Isaac Vallie-Flagg helped teach a self-defense program at the pueblo. 


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