T-shirt critical of Governor Martinez stirs reaction

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Whether you're a Republican or Democrat and you run for public office, any politician can be subject to satire.

One New Mexico artist has created a T-shirt that doesn't portray Gov. Susana Martinez in the best light. His creation is gaining attention.

Michael Wieclaw's new T-shirt design plays off the 1980s popular parody trading cards, Garbage Pail Kids.

"I grew up with Garbage Pail Kids, and it's a brand people can relate to, and it's a disgusting brand in that it's also very humorous, and I thought the Eldorado hotel incident was humorous," Wieclaw said.

He's referring to the governor's 2015 staff Christmas party at the four-star Eldorado Hotel & Spa after complaints came into Santa Fe police that the hotel room soiree was loud and wild.

The governor said she was in a room with a small group of people and that they were eating pizza.

"I'm not a political person," Wieclaw told KRQE News 13. But this is political.

"She was having a pizza party so again, I wanted to carry on with that sort of ludicrousness, and it just sort of lined up with the Legislature and all of these poor decisions she's making," he said.

Reaction to the T-shirt varied.

"It looks like free speech to me," one man said.

Morgan Meron observed, "I think it's a little harsh, but I know at the same time she's crossed a few lines that have upset people."

"You shouldn't make fun of people who are in charge," another man said of the T-shirt who thought it crossed the line.

Adam Lopez, on the other hand, said, "That's good. It's pretty accurate. I'd wear it."

Wieclaw said the shirt is becoming a hit on his website Metal the Brand.

One person who hasn't paid attention to this T-shirt is Gov. Martinez.

"The governor hasn't seen the T-shirt, as she is focused on bigger things – like fighting for New Mexico's families and stopping the Democrat-led Senate from raising taxes," said Mike Lonergan, press secretary for Governor Martinez.


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