2 slightly hurt in natural gas plant fire in West Texas

ORLA T.X.(KRQE) - Two people are injured after a major explosion at a gas plant just outside the state line in Texas.

First responders say that's it's a miracle everyone is okay with an explosion that big.

It happened around 9:30 Thursday morning at the Ramsey Natural Gas Processing Plant just about 5 miles past the border near Orla, Texas.

Witnesses say they could see the explosion for miles.

An eyewitness says he was about half a mile away when he saw a huge ball of fire coming right towards him and that the heat from the fire was intense.

Officials say there were no fatalities and only two workers suffered what they classify as non-life threatening injuries but they would not elaborate.

"We are very, very fortunate further injures or any casualties," said Jennifer Armendariz, Eddy County Emergency Management Director

Armando Guiterrez was working at the plant when it happened and says that he saw the fire and started to run and saw others running as well.

Everyone within a ten mile radius was told to evacuate. About 250 people who live and work in the area were taken by bus to the civic center in Carlsbad where they were given food and water.

Part of highway 285 was shut down while crews worked to burn off any excess gas lines.

The latest update is that the fire has been contained to one area of the plant.

Emergency responders from surrounding areas in Texas and New Mexico, including New Mexico State Police came to assist.

Highway 285 is now open.

Andarko Petroleum, who operates the plant, say they will not know the cause, extent of the damage, or be able to estimate when the plant could safely resume operations until a full assessment can be conducted.


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