School grades show growing divide in New Mexico schools

SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN, The Associated Press - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico's top education officials are concerned about a growing divide between public schools that are earning top marks and those that are falling behind when it comes to student achievement and learning opportunities.

The Public Education Department on Tuesday released its annual report card for schools. While the percentage of schools earning As and Bs remained unchanged at 38 percent, 20 more schools earned Fs.

Education Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski says the findings show which districts have made an effort to adopt reforms that focus on student performance as well as mentoring programs for struggling teachers and principals.

He pointed to the Farmington, Alamogordo and Gadsden districts, saying there are no F schools in those communities after five years of work.

In the state's largest district in Albuquerque, more than a third of schools earned Fs.

To access the 2017 New Mexico public school grades, click here. 


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