Santa Fe Police release video of suspect in ATM card skimmer scam

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) - Credit card skimmers are popping up again at ATMs, this time in Santa Fe. Police say it's unknown how many people have been affected.

In surveillance video released by Santa Fe police, a young man is seen walking up to an ATM at the Los Alamos National Bank in Santa Fe.

"Los Alamos National Bank received several calls from many different customers indicating that they had noticed fraudulent charges," said Lieutenant Judah Montano, Santa Fe Police Department.

Montano said when bank staff went outside to check the ATM machines, they found skimmers, with a camera and a slot over the credit card reader.

Just last month, Albuquerque police dealt with skimmers turning up at gas stations, but those skimmers looked a bit different.

"We are going to reach out to APD and see if there's any connection," said Montano.

"Thieves are always thinking of ways to take money away from us really," said Santa Fe resident Eloy Armijo.

Police said they've seen these devices available for purchase online.

"It's very consistent with ATM machines from all over, from different branches and different companies," said Montano.

Police are asking that people check their bank and credit card statements so they can have a better idea of how many people were affected. They are still working to identify the suspect.

For most people, they'd never even know the skimmers were right in front of them.

"Thinking that somebody out there is stealing us blind is sad," said Armijo.


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