Police video shows New Mexico man involved in two high-speed chases

HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – Two chases and one arrest. New video shows how a New Mexico man got away from police the first time and the moment they finally caught up to him.

Hobbs Police know him all too well.

"On a red Dodge pickup," said an officer in police video.

Their first run-in with Samuel Pinon was on October 28th on what was supposed to be a traffic stop.

"I've got a male subject running from me," said an officer. "He's taking over the wheel. He's the passenger. He's forcing her to drive off."

Not long after taking the truck was taking off, police said Pinon intentionally clipped a police car.

"He just hit my unit," said an officer.

Police said after that, they lost sight of the pickup. They said the truck was later found crashed into a fence. Pinon was nowhere to be found.

But on November 2nd, Hobbs Police caught up with him again when they tried to pull over an SUV that was reported stolen.

"They're running," yelled the officer. "They're running!"

The passenger in that vehicle was Samuel Pinon.

"They're going on the wrong side of the road," said an officer.

But with the help of spike strips, the SUV came to a stop.

Police said all people inside it, including Pinon, made a run for it.

"Get down on the ground," yelled an officer.

Police quickly caught up to them, bringing Pinon's high-speed chase days to an end.

Pinon is facing a long list of charges, including aggravated battery on a police officer, aggravated fleeing from police, and false imprisonment.


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