Physician assistant charged with child sex abuse had prior sex crime arrest

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Parents and community members are shocked and upset, wondering how this could have happened and who dropped the ball after a physician assistant was arrested for the second time for a sex crime involving a minor.

James Marc Beverly was convicted of a sex crime with a minor before, but you won't find him on New Mexico's sex offender registry and most people didn't even know about his history until they learned of his latest arrest this week.

"It's shocking because I go there. I brought my kid there, you know, so it hits home," said Eran Gonzales.

He said he's been going to Physician Assistant Beverly at New Mexico Medical in Cedar Crest for the last few years.

"Yeah, I'm shocked honestly. He was a very friendly guy, so I had no… I mean, you know, there was no reason to think anything," Gonzales said.

Beverly is behind bars, arrested two days ago for sexually abusing a young relative for months.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office is asking for any information about other potential victims because they say he had contact with minors at his job at a family practice in Cedar Crest. Parents are concerned.

"As shocking as it is to hear what happened, it's also shocking to hear that this person has a history of it."

In fact, KRQE News 13 spoke to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office 12 years ago about Beverly.

"James Beverly came to our attention several months ago as a convicted sex offender out of the State of Utah," said then-Sgt. Matt Thomas with BCSO in 2005.

Beverly's biography online said he was in Physician Assistant school at the University of Utah.

Beverly was charged with soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl online and BCSO officials say he tried to meet her at a high school before realizing it was actually the FBI.

"I just can't believe it's happened again," said a woman who wanted to remain anonymous.

She said she crossed paths with Beverly through her work and had heard he'd been fired as a physician assistant at a previous job.

"It's infuriating. Who's not doing their job? Why is he allowed to practice medicine again in a family practice setting when this has already happened once?"

No one at the family practice wanted to speak.

The New Mexico Medical board now says it's reviewing his case.

The board sent the statement below via email:

"The health and safety of New Mexicans is always our top priority. If these allegations are true, they are completely unacceptable and we will move to suspend this license immediately, and will cooperate fully with law enforcement as their investigation moves forward."

Records now show a conviction in Utah of attempting to entice a minor in 2003, but BCSO said after he did time for the crime, a judge agreed to overturn the conviction based on a technicality.

Then when Beverly was living in New Mexico in 2005, the Department of Public Safety told him he did not have to register as a sex offender here.

"It's the position of the Sheriff's Department that anybody convicted of a sex offense should be required to register," BCSO told KRQE News 13 in 2005.

At that time, the District Attorney's Office was supposed to review that decision to keep Beverly off the sex offender registry.

KRQE News 13 asked the DA's Office on Wednesday to look into what happened, but they would not answer our questions about it.

The state is asking a judge to hold Beverly behind bars on no bond until trial. He's scheduled to face a judge Friday for that detention hearing.


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