I-40 closed east of Albuquerque as road conditions worsen

Police asking businesses to open later on Sunday

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - I-40 east of Albuquerque at Eubank was closed due to bad road conditions and a lack of accommodations outside of town.

Albuquerque police say they've been informed that hotels east of the city are fully booked and turning away drivers. Law enforcement is out assisting people in finding shelter.

As of Saturday night, officers had responded to nearly 200 crashes. Mayor's chief of staff Gilbert Montano says more than 40 workers will be out salting the roads throughout the night.

Video captured by a News 13 photographer earlier Saturday evening shows cars spinning and sliding out of control on I-40 near the Big I to avoid other wrecks.

APD is also asking business that would open Sunday morning or churches with early morning services to postpone those until the afternoon to keep more drivers off the roads. The BioPark, Balloon Museum and Albuquerque Museum won't open until at least noon on Sunday.


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