November 23rd Morning Rush: Balloons, Broadway stars and security at Macy's day parade

1. Security is high ahead of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York. Law enforcement there are on alert after last month's terror attack that killed 8 people in Manhattan. Thousands of more officers will be on patrol and entrances to the parade route will be barricaded off. Yesterday, for the first time ever, the balloons were blown up during the daylight hours and visitors who wanted to see them ahead of time had to wait to get their bags checked by police.

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2. Following the growing amount of sexual misconduct allegations around the country, preventative training could be in the works for New Mexico lawmakers. Senate majority leader Peter Wirth says the legislature's harassment policy is under review. He suggests lawmakers be trained before they reconvene in January. Senator and candidate for lieutenant governor Michael Padilla, is facing accusations of sexual harassment at a prior job. He denies those allegations.

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3. A very comfortable Thanksgiving Day ahead of us with afternoon highs soaring well above seasonal normals area-wide - expect high temps to climb well into the 50s, 60s and 70s. Sunshine will blanket the state with no significant rain or snow expected.

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4. The city says it is working to fix left turn signals that are too-short at intersections along the ART project. Some drivers are noticing new signals like at Central and Louisiana where people turning left are only getting about eight seconds. The city says if you have an issue with the light timing, call 311. Crews are working through the timing at each new light and making adjustments in the next few weeks.

Full Story: Albuquerque to fix short left turn signal timing along Central Avenue, ART bus route

5. This holiday season shops along Central, west of downtown, will offer a "Shop to Give" campaign to encourage people to shop local. When you get change back at any of the participating businesses, they will give you two-dollar bills  with a stamp that says "Support Local Businesses." The stores will also be setting out bins to collect necessities to give to the "new day youth and family services."

Full Story: Businesses along Central encourage people to give back, shop local

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